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Our expertise and skills

We concentrate diverse and recognized skills in the development area. In bold are the ones X-Aeon Solutions masters in.

Languages, frameworks and libraries

Dynamic and high-level Ruby, Python, Java
Performant and low-level C, C++, Turbo Pascal, Object Pascal, ASM
Scripting Unix Shell, Perl, DOS, Emacs/Lisp
Build tools make, cmake, rake, scons
Databases SQL, PL/SQL
Web Ruby on Rails, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Ajax, PHP
User interfaces Gtk, Delphi, wxWidgets, Java AWT, Java Swing, Visual Basic
Others Basic, Fortran, Yacc

Operating systems and environments

Unix Linux, Cygwin, SunOS, Android, HP-UX, AIX
Windows Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows CE
Architectures Plugins oriented, Object oriented, MVC, Design Patterns, REST, Daemon
Databases MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgresQL, Messaging systems
Web servers Apache, nginx, Thin, Webrick, Mongrel
User interfaces KDE, Gnome
File systems FAT, FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3

Development environments

Compilers and debuggers g++, gdb, gcc
Profiling Profiler, Valgrind, Callgrind
Version control GIT, SVN, CVS
Software packaging RubyPackager, RPM, automake, NSIS, crate, ocra
Editors and IDE SublimeText, NetBeans, vim, vi, emacs, xemacs, Eclipse

Functional competencies

Project management Agile, Extreme, Microsoft Project, Redmine, ProjectLibre, Basecamp
Development formalization UML, Rational Rose
Quality ISO, CMMI, 6 sigma
3D modeling 3DS Max, Blender, VistaPro, PovRay
MIDI recording Sonar, Ableton
Computer graphics Gimp, Adobe Premiere, Paint Shop Pro
Documentation LibreOffice, PDF, HTML, Doxygen, RDoc, MediaWiki
System internals Windows, Unix
System and network administration Windows, Unix, NAT, Firewalls
Languages French, English, Spanish, German
Others Hardware installation and setup, Boot processes (Bios, LILO), Unix Kernels compiling and tuning


Artificial intelligence Neural networks, Agents
Astronomy TheSky, SkyMap
Global Distribution Systems Amadeus
Others Cryptography, Mathematics

Internals of protocols and file formats

Network HTTP, FTP, SSH, Telnet, DNS
File structures Image, Audio, Video, MPEG, Office, Executables