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Muriel Salvan


I am a freelance Ruby / Rails expert, full-stack web projects manager

I founded X-Aeon Solutions and Riviera.rb meet-ups

Nice to meet you!

About me...

I am a freelance project manager and polyglot developer, expert in Ruby and Rails. I created X-Aeon Solutions and rivierarb Ruby meetups. I also give trainings and conferences on technical topics.

My core development principles: Plugins-oriented architectures, simple components, Open Source power, clever automation, constant technology watch, quality and optimized code.

My experience includes big and small companies. I embrace agile methodologies and test driven development, without giving up on planning and risks containment methods as well.

I love Open Source and became a big advocate: check all the OSS projects I am managing!

Want some crunchy tech food from my blog? Read it here!

My goal: Using the best of software to develop the best of projects.

My areas of expertise:

  • Back-end Development: Ruby, C/C++, Python, Java
  • Full-stack web development: Rails, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Systems administration, Continuous integration, Automated deployment
  • Open Source Software
  • Project coordination, optimisation, quality

Did I mention I am also a big Elder Scrolls fan? I'm a Dunmer, but not a Dreamer though ;-)

Contact me at!

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Muriel Salvan